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Screen Doors

Screen Solutions NW Proudly Uses Wizard Retractable Screen Doors

We are a locally owned and operated business in the Spokane, WA and Coeur D’Alene, ID surrounding areas specializing in the sales and installation of Wizard Retractable Screen Doors.

Wizard Screens can mount on practically any single or double door frame up to 108” in height, 96” in width: Front entry doors,
Patio doors, French doors, Sliding Glass Doors, rectangular or square window frames, in-swing or out-swing doors. They can also
be sized and mounted on just about any window frame.

Quality and Durability

Our product is best in class and we prove it through a simple guarantee that will stand the test of time, literally.
We guarantee the quality of our materials, the craftsmanship of the installation and your happiness through our limited lifetime warranty.
In addition, our forgiving rail system the screen rides in allows for the occasional pushed out screen to retract back into the tracks, just like it was brand new.


  • Wizard ‘Slow Glide’ Magic – Superior Gear Driven Speed Reducer Option
  • Premium PVC Coated Screen Fabric
  • Unique design
  • Low profile housing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Versatile screen system application
  • Wizard solar screens
  • Forgiving rail system
  • Baked on Enamel finish with extruded aluminum
  • Certified installers
  • Wizard 3-step customer satisfaction pledge


  • Child (and finger) safety through Slow Glide option which automatically slows the screen speed to a gentle retract
  • Insect proof – Installation expertise and our housing, rails and screen work in tandem along with our guaranteed
    installation to create an insect proof screen system
  • Sleek and Stylish when you need it, out of site when you don’t. We designed our housing unit with no sharp edges, just
    rounded corners, along with a modern trim to blend into the existing door frame. It is the perfect compliment to a beautiful
    home and door.
  • Guarantees a durable product for years of problem free operation
  • Customized for you to mount on just about any door frame
  • An optional upgrade screen that blocks 65% UV rays
  • Smooth screen retraction
  • Resists fading and chipping on Wizard’s industrial grade housing and pull bar.
  • Professional installers to ensure Wizard standards in customer service and installs
  • The confidence knowing Wizard is passionate about 100% customer satisfaction

Customized For You

We start by carefully measuring your door frame, threshold, and mounting surfaces unique to every door. You’ll then choose from
7 colors to compliment your door frame. After cutting each screen system down to size, we will professionally install the screen
door. You can be sure that each screen system is clearly customized for you.